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10 places to visit in Aalborg


Before the restrictions are lifted and the “world” reopens, we managed to compile a list of 10 attractions you can visit in Aalborg, either with family or with friends. So start your favorite playlist on Spotify, make a cup of coffee (or tea) and enjoy the read. We are looking forward to getting started.


It must be said that the list is not arranged in a specific order, as there are many different sorting criteria (rating, number of visitors, target group, etc.). We only highlight some of the places that we think are worth visiting near the hotel. You can follow our Instagram for tips on additional attractions throughout North Jutland, as well as themes (such as historical sites, viewpoints, etc.).


1. Lindholm Høje Museum (culture & history / 5 km from Slotshotellet)

The museum provides insight into i.e. The life of the Vikings, as well as ancient history in the Limfjord area in the form of 2 different exhibitions. In addition, they offer original Viking jewelry and other similar items in their well-stocked store. The Viking cemetery at Lindholm Høje is, in addition, a fantastic ancient monument, and one of Aalborg's picturesque viewpoints. If you are interested in history, then this is definitely something we can recommend.



Vendilavej 11

9400 Nørresundby

Web: https://nordmus.dk/u/lindholm-hoeje-museet/


Entrance fee:

Adults: 90 kr.

Children and youth under 18: Free

Students: 75 kr.

Groups (min. 15 pers.): 75 kr. per Person


Opening hours:

Winter season – 1. november 2020 – 31. march 2021

Tue. - Sun.: 10-16:00

Closed on mondays

Summer season – 1. april 2021 – 31. october 2021

Tue. - Sun.: 10-17:00

Closed on mondays

Due to the recent restrictions regarding. corona / COVID-19, the Lindholm High Museum is closed. Please refer to their website for more information regarding re-opening.


2. Kunsten Museum of Art (culture / 3 km from Slotshotellet)

“Kunsten” is a modern art museum with experiences suitable for the whole family. In addition to the many works they present (over 4000), they also offer lectures, concerts, family workshops and many other exciting experiences to their visitors. If you are a big fan of art, then this attraction is just the thing for you.


Kong Christians Alle 50

9000 Aalborg

Web: https://kunsten.dk/


Entrance fee:

Adults: 120 kr.

Group price, per person (min. 12 people): 100 kr.

Students with study card: 80 kr.

Children up to 18: Free. Children over the age of 12 are welcome on their own at the parents' risk.

Additional prices available on the website.


Opening hours:

Mon.: Closed

Tue.: kl. 10-17

Wed..: kl. 10-21

Thu. - Sun.: 10-17:00

Due to the recent restrictions regarding. corona / COVID-19 Art is closed. Please refer to their website for more information regarding re-opening.


3. Utzon center (culture, architecture / 270 m from Slotshotellet)

Utzon Center is a place for the whole family. They have changing exhibitions on an ongoing basis, with a strong focus on architecture, where they highlight the world's greatest architects. In addition, they also have a restaurant with the city's best fjord view, as well as events, workshops, lectures and many other exciting things. So stop by if you are interested in an eventful day with family or friends.



Slotspladsen 4

9000 Aalborg

Web: https://utzoncenter.dk/


Entrance fee:

Adults (+18 years): 80 kr.

Children and youth (4-17 years): 40 kr

Children under 4 years: Free

Students (with valid student-ID): 40 kr.

Groups over 10 persons: 60 kr. per person

Family ticket – two adults, two children: 200 kr.


Opening hours:

Mon.: Closed

Tue. - Wed.: 11-17:00

Thu.: 11-21:00

Fri.: 11-17:00

Sat. - Sun.: 10-17:00

Utzon center is temporarily closed due to The restrictions, and reopens when the restrictions are eased (details on their website).


4. Nordkraft (culture, film, sports, dining / 350 m from Slotshotellet)

Nordkraft is a place that is highly representative of Aalborg's history and culture. Here you can find a wide range of activities: music, sports, art, culture, learning, business, dining, activities for children and young people, etc. Depending on what your area of interest is, you can most likely find something fun to do here. We recommend that you take a look around their website a bit, to read more.



Kjellerups Torv

9000 Aalborg

Web: https://nordkraft.dk/forside.aspx


Entrance fee:

Access to Nordkraft is free. We refer to the website, where you can see further details about the prices for the various locations within Nordkraft.


Opening hours:

Mon. - Fri. : 07:00 - 23:00

Sat. - Sun. : 08:00 - 23:00

  • Opening hours may vary depending on the place you wish to visit. We refer to the website, where you can see further details about the opening hours for the various locations within Nordkraft.

Nordkraft is temporarily closed due to the restrictions, and reopens when the restrictions are eased (details on their website).


5. Aalborg Zoo (free time, family / 3.8 km from Slotshotellet)

Guided tours, accommodation, zoo school, children's birthdays, brunch and parties, Aalborg Zoo offers it all to its many enthusiastic visitors. If you need a complete experience with the family, a nice walk, or would like to grill your own food in relaxing, natural surroundings, then this is the place for you.



Mølleparkvej 63

9000 Aalborg

Web: https://aalborgzoo.dk/


Entrance fee:

2 Jan. - 26 Mar. and 1 Oct. - 30 Dec.

  • Child: DKK 105,-
  • Adult: DKK 190,-
  • Student: DKK 152,- (Can only be bought in Aalborg Zoo)
  • Groups: 20% discount for groups of minimum 20 persons


27 Mar. - 30 Sep.

  • Child: DKK 125,-
  • Adult: DKK 210,-
  • Student: DKK 168,- (Can only be bought in Aalborg Zoo)
  • Groups: 20% discount for groups of minimum 20 persons


Opening hours:

Mon. - Sun. : 10:00 - 17:00 / 18:00 or 19:00 (may vary based on different parameters. To see opening hours for a specific date, click here)

Due to the recent restrictions regarding. corona / COVID-19, Aalborg Zoo is closed until and including Wednesday 3 March 2021.


6. Vestre Fjordpark (free time, family, couples / 3km from Slotshotellet)

A large recreational area in the west of Aalborg, ideal for the family or a group of friends to enjoy nature, play ball, swim, kayak or try an obstacle course. Vestre Fjordpark is an incredibly popular recreational area, full of life, especially during the hot summer months.



Skydebanevej 14

9000 Aalborg

Web: https://www.aalborg.dk/fjordpark

Images: here


Entrance fee:



Opening hours:

Vestre Fjordpark is open all day

Once the lifeguard flag is raised, lifeguards are present in the following periods:

  • Between the 5th Jun. - 16th of Aug. : 10:00-19:00
  • Between the 17th Aug. - the 23rd Aug. : 12:00-18:00


NOTE! Due to the special circumstances surrounding Covid-19, facilities are temporarily closed.


7. Kildeparken (free time, family, couples / 2.6 km from Slotshotell

The park is Aalborg's first public park, and is one of the most popular scenic areas in the city center. Among other things, it offers a Playground for the children, a fountain that can be admired on a pleasant walk, as well as the famous singing trees. The first “singing tree” was planted by Cliff Richard in 1987, and since then we have had over 90 international stars planting a tree in our beloved park. The trees can be activated so that everyone can hear the music from the great artists.



Gammel Kærvej 11

9000 Aalborg

Web: https://www.visitaalborg.dk/aalborg/planlaeg-din-tur/kildeparken-gdk596185


Entrance fee:



Opening hours:

Kildeparken is open all day.


8. Leo’s Legeland (fritid, familie, børn / 2.3 km fra Slotshotellet)

Leo’s Legeland is the Nordic region's most visited playground chain. It is possible to visit the place all week so the kids can get some exercise, have fun and make some new friends. At the same time, their parents have free access to the place, wifi, cozy areas, as well as some opportunities for joint activities with the children. If you enjoy a fun and active day with the family, then you have to try Leo's Legeland.



Poul Larsens vej 12

9000 Aalborg

Web (and images): https://www.leoslegeland.dk/aalborg/



Adults: free

Children up to 17 years: For aktuelle priser, besøg deres hjemmeside.

5-tickets / 15%: 804 DKK

10-tickets / 20%: 1512 DKK

All-year pass for children 2-17 years: 2490 DKK

All-year pass for children under 1 year: 1590 DKK


Opening hours:

Open all days

Weekdays: 10-19:00

Weekend: 9-19:00


9. Jomfru Ane Gade (free time, adults / 800 m from Slotshotellet)

Then we also have a "playground" for adults. Jomfru Ane Gade is one of the most famous places in North Jutland, and guests flock from all over Scandinavia to experience it. In the "street", as it is called locally, people gather to relax after a long week. Here they can enjoy pubs, clubs and bars with different themes and different music genres, suitable for different ages and preferences. Should you have a weekend where you need to go completely crazy with your friends, or just play pool and beer pong to find out which one of you is the best, then you should stop by and experience the street.



Jomfru Ane Gade

9000 Aalborg

Web (and images): https://www.jomfruanegade.dk/


Entrance fee:

Free (although different places may charge admission in relation to certain events).


Opening hours:

Open every day

Opening hours for the individual locations may vary.


10. Salling Rooftop (free time, familiy, couples / 400 m from Slotshotellet)

If you love a good viewpoint over the city, then you should not walk more than 400m from Slotshotellet, where you will find Salling Rooftop. They offer a modern lounge area where you can buy drinks or a cold beer, while you have the opportunity to breathe some fresh air and look out over the whole of Aalborg.



Nytorv 8

9000 Aalborg

Web: https://salling.dk/madoplevelser/salling-rooftop-aalborg/


Entrance fee:



Opening hours:

Every day:  10-18:00

Salling Rooftop is temporarily closed due to The restrictions, and reopens when the restrictions are eased (details on their website).

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